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A story from the artisan of our handmade olive wood buttons

Our olive wood buttons featured in the Street Taita collection are handmade by Omar Shalash. This is the journey of Omar and his "Christ's Gown" buttons in his own words: When my uncle was making his way to the goat “storage” house, he moved some of the stuff lying around obstructing the path to where some pieces of wood were reclined on the wall. He pointed at the chunk of wood, looked at me, then said, "This tree is older than Christ.”  His shocking choice of words was not purposely to insult or ridicule any religion or faith, rather, he was simply expressing a historical scientific fact; that the age of the olive tree from which these woods were cut is estimated to be...

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Important updates about Taita Leila's outreach تحديثات هامة بخصوص التواصل مع تيتا ليلى

Since last year's uprising, we have been having difficulty in reaching our audience via social media, and especially Instagram. We are tired of being shadowbanned simply because we're Palestinian.  What's it like being shadowbanned?  Your exposure on a given social media platform is restricted and your direct followers infrequently see your posts. Even supermodel Bella Hadid has called out the platform for silencing her whenever she posts anything about Palestine, her stories drop by over 1 MILLION views! Instagram has and always will be antithetical to Palestinians' revolution and resistance. To make sure you get our latest updates without being controlled by these platforms, we have decided to focus on sending emails to you. Please sign up to our newsletter, the form to do so is at the bottom of every page on our website.  ...

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An update on our zero waste policy

The fashion industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to waste and pollution. As conscientious creators, we have been thinking a lot about how to minimise our contribution to this problem. We are moving towards reduce-reuse-recycle, and using materials that are more sustainably produced and sourced. Our upcoming collection has been designed around using up materials we had previously purchased for samples. This also means that each piece is unique and in a very limited number, so once they are gone, they are gone! Given the difficulty of creating clothing under occupation in Palestine, we realise we are undertaking a huge challenge. We do our best to navigate our responsibility for the environment and our aim to...

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