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The best article on us to date in INC Arabia!

Camilla Caraccio really captured our essence in our favourite article to date in Inc Arabia. Included are some gems like: “When a culture is under threat, such as in Palestine, where cultural appropriation is the norm, not the exception, it’s natural that a society would want to preserve its traditions just the way they were, in what it believes is an attempt to stay ‘alive...which unfortunately kills it faster. You have to keep moving!”

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Crowdfunded Clothing in Wamda

The lovely Tina Ghanim wrote up a piece for Wamda on why we choose to crowdfund our collections: “Because we commission the women per piece, it is better to see our demand for the collection, and it helps the women artisans plan their time better too as it takes them a while to make it,” Husseini said.  The experience is highly personalized: once a customer places an order on the crowdfunding site, they are contacted directly by the Taita Leila team - Husseini and a colleague who is a touch point for the women making the clothes - to ask details about size and preferred color.  “Because we are a new brand, is hard to get customers to trust our...

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