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The latest kit from Taita Tatreez Tea- Waste Canvas!

Taita Tatreez Tea are back!  Taita Leila and Tatreez and Tea have created a new limited edition Palestinian embroidery kit, this time focusing on the waste canvas technique. With this kit, you will learn how to implement waste canvas on fabric -- a skill that will allow you to embroider on any garment, scarf or pouch. Waste canvas has been used since the beginning of the twentieth century in Palestine, providing a guide to Palestinian embroiderers by gridding fabrics that aren’t countable. When the waste canvas is removed, the embroidery is revealed on the fabric.  Included in the kit is the second edition of our exclusive instructional guide has been expanded to 24 pages and updated to include:  Instructions on the...

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Boston Palestine Film Festival meets Taita Leila, part 2!

Boston, we're back!  The Boston Palestine Film Festival is bringing Palestinian embroidery to the forefront this year, closing with Carol Mansour's movie Stitching Palestine, a panel discussion featuring the director,  producer Muna Khalidi, and Wafa Ghnaim of Tatreez and Tea, and a stunning and extensive exhibition featuring some of our pieces! Get tickets to the event here.  Check out this blog post where we spoke about what embroidery means to us, and our upcoming plans!   

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Introducing the Benayiq

The Palestinian dress or thobe is full of wonders and hidden stories within each stitch. Palestinian women embroidered their interests, history, and even their social status on their clothes!  Our next collection continues our series investigating the anatomy of a thobe. We focused on an interesting part of the dress, the Benayiq, referring to an extra triangular piece of fabric that was added to the the side so women would move more comfortably. It was popular in Palestine in the areas starting from Nablus across to the south. This animation gives a hint into what our next collection will look like, and will be part of our crowdfunding video that will be released very soon! Can’t wait to share it!...

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