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Why ethical fashion is becoming important

Fashion is a big part of everyone’s life, whether following the latest trend or outright choosing not to, clothes are an essential part of life, almost a form of self-expression without having to speak! Time magazine ran an interesting article about the 5 things your clothes are saying about you. Whether going out on a date, meeting friends, or even just picking up a few groceries, choosing an outfit that suits the occasion on the wearer's terms is a must. There has been an “ethical wave” of late, as consumers want to know the source of their clothing. Fashion Revolution ran a campaign on instagram this year hashtagging it #whomademyclothes, wearing clothes inside out to ask well-known retailers to reveal the people and process behind...

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"My grandmother has a dress and a shawl"

Our grandchild Alexandra recounts her recent trip to Gaza:  The Gaza Strip regularly makes headlines, but rarely as a clothing capital. However, the intricate and distinctive embroidery of Gaza was recently highlighted in a local fashion show during which models displayed striking pieces blending contemporary and traditional elements. Taita Leila’s Gaza top would have fit right in with its bright pink and blue thread woven around as if a necklace. Visiting Gaza City myself a couple of months ago, it made sense to me that Gaza has a long history as a fashionable embroidery center. Most women I saw were dressed conservatively in public – almost everyone wore a hijab and long skirt or dress – but so many were wearing...

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Taita Leila launch party in Jerusalem!

On Saturday May 14, Taita Leila gathered up fans and followers and invited them to the beautiful setting of the prestigious Dar el Tifl museum in Jerusalem. For our launch, made special because it was in our hometown, we knew we had to make a great first impression! Instead of a typical fashion show, we wanted to have fun with our audience. Upon arrival, guests were met with a flyer listing the names of the cities that inspired our pieces. Each model wore a design with a number attached. The aim of the game was to approach the models and ask them about the designs, about the significance of the colours, names of motifs, interpretations and variations- anything but ‘where is this from?’ The first person...

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