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My Taita for Taita Leila

In the slow summer months we know a lot of our 'grandchildren' are spending time with their family. We wanted to take advantage of that with a fun competition- we asked them to tell us the story of their grandmothers! Using the hashtag ‪#‎myTaitaforTaitaLeila‬ we requested a picture, old or new, with a funny memory, anecdote or her life story! We got cute stories about Shahrazad's Taita 'inventing' lyrics (that turned out to be Greek), Alex being spoilt by her grandmother who grew up during the Great Depression, but Derrar's story of his badass, Wall Street occupying grandma Pura Rivera Barakos who was arrested in NYC touched our heartstrings. After he called her an inspiration and a hero, she reminded us of what was important with her comment: “We all must work together...

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