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Kerning Cultures and amazing brands from the Middle East

We are very pleased to announce that we are one of the feature brands in the new online store from Kerning Cultures. Kerning Cultures is a podcast challenging the narratives and stereotypes of the Middle East (available on iTunes). KC 'believes in the power of audio storytelling', and though their medium is a little different to ours, we are proud to be telling stories with them. Other incredible brands that are featured include Melting Pots, turning kitchen utensils into a multicultural exchange, THIS Toothbrush reviving an ancient natural toothbrush called the miswak, which has been used for centuries in Islamic communities and has been shown to be beneficial for dental hygiene, and Sitti Soap, a social enterprise providing fair-wage employment opportunities to skilled women refugees at...

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The best article on us to date in INC Arabia!

Camilla Caraccio really captured our essence in our favourite article to date in Inc Arabia. Included are some gems like: “When a culture is under threat, such as in Palestine, where cultural appropriation is the norm, not the exception, it’s natural that a society would want to preserve its traditions just the way they were, in what it believes is an attempt to stay ‘alive...which unfortunately kills it faster. You have to keep moving!”

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