Taita Leila launch party in Jerusalem!

On Saturday May 14, Taita Leila gathered up fans and followers and invited them to the beautiful setting of the prestigious Dar el Tifl museum in Jerusalem.

For our launch, made special because it was in our hometown, we knew we had to make a great first impression! Instead of a typical fashion show, we wanted to have fun with our audience. Upon arrival, guests were met with a flyer listing the names of the cities that inspired our pieces. Each model wore a design with a number attached. The aim of the game was to approach the models and ask them about the designs, about the significance of the colours, names of motifs, interpretations and variations- anything but ‘where is this from?’ The first person to assign the right number to all the right places would win whichever piece their heart desired. We were lucky to have a great crowd turn up, and they jumped right into our game!

After the competition, we opened up the museum for our guests to explore and to see the old dresses that we used as sources (we didn’t want anybody cheating during our competition of course)!

This wouldn’t have happened without the help of the amazing staff at Dar el Tifl museum. Special thanks to Tala, Dua, Raed, Khaled, Mahira and Hidaya for making this smooth and enjoyable for us. Also congratulations to Ambar for winning the competition and picking our Galilee design as her prize!

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