The latest kit from Taita Tatreez Tea- Waste Canvas!

Taita Tatreez Tea are back! 

Taita Leila and Tatreez and Tea have created a new limited edition Palestinian embroidery kit, this time focusing on the waste canvas technique.

With this kit, you will learn how to implement waste canvas on fabric -- a skill that will allow you to embroider on any garment, scarf or pouch. Waste canvas has been used since the beginning of the twentieth century in Palestine, providing a guide to Palestinian embroiderers by gridding fabrics that aren’t countable. When the waste canvas is removed, the embroidery is revealed on the fabric. 

Included in the kit is the second edition of our exclusive instructional guide has been expanded to 24 pages and updated to include: 

  • Instructions on the use of both aida cloth and waste canvas
  • A detailed description of three stitches used in traditional Palestinian embroidery, with accompanying diagrams
  • Additional historic embroidery patterns on a numbered grid, with their meaning and significance explained

  • Purchase the full kit or just the booklet right here on our website. 

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