Taita Tatreez Tea

Palestinian embroidery, or tatreez تطريــز, is a centuries-old artistic tradition, passed from one generation to the next over a cup of tea. Historically, Palestinian women have documented their stories in their embroidery -- a colorful language of symbols and motifs -- that have left a powerful legacy that honors each Palestinian grandmother, or taita تيتــا ,and ancestor beyond space, place and time. 

In this collaboration, Taita Leila and Tatreez & Tea sought to create one-of-a-kind kits in Palestinian embroidery that honored the masterful stitchery and skillfulness that Palestinians have practiced throughout the centuries. In these limited editions, we continue in the legacy of Palestinian taitas who, for hundreds of years, produced rich textiles that have become a symbol of solidarity, identity and familial connection for Palestinians all over the world.