Roh Sitti روح ستي

For the past 40 days we have been mourning the loss of our namesake Taita Leila. 

Having suffered forced displacement from her home in Jerusalem, Leila Hussein Fakhri Khalidi held her Palestinian identity close to her heart. In both her professional and personal life she continued to engage with Palestine from afar. Her research into Palestinian folk arts lead her to write "The Art of Palestinian Embroidery". Considered a landmark work on the subject, this book ignited our own passion in embroidery and continues to inspire everything we do.

With this mini collection we wish to celebrate her life and aid her ascension to heaven. The name of our collection “Roh Sitti” is a double entendre. Translating literally from Arabic to mean “my grandmother’s soul”, it can also be interpreted as "her favourite". Though this collection is smaller in terms of number of items, we have carefully selected the embroidery patterns to reflect on Taita Leila’s life, in a muted palette and timeless silhouettes.  

All of the proceeds from the sales of the pieces in this charitable collection will be donated to Grassroots Jerusalem in honour of Taita Leila’s birthplace and hometown.

Designed by Marwa Asbi, Photographed by Julie Dakwar