The Qabbeh Collection

In Palestinian embroidery, the qabbeh refers to the central decorative chest panel on the thoub (traditional dress). It is usually the most intricate and distinctive feature of the piece, with each individual design signifying the unique character and tradition of the place where it was designed and stitched.

In our inaugural debut collection, the first in our "Anatomy of a Thobe" heritage series, we worked with talented artisans to select patterns and colours that bring out the stories of some of Palestine’s most historic cities and regions. Whether portraying the birthplace of the Abrahamic faiths, the mountains that roll across the West Bank, the expansive southern desert, or the coastal sea breezes that smell of oranges, the pieces in this collection display the diversity and beauty of this Holy Land.

Photographed by Osama Silwadi.

WIth special thanks to Edward Said National Conservatory of Music for the photoshoot location.