About Us

"As clothing was of prime importance, Palestinian women wanted something personal, distinctive and handmade. By adopting the traditional styles and motifs of her area, a woman expressed her wish to identify and be identified with her cultural roots."

- Leila Khalidi, The Art of Palestinian Embroidery

Taita (Taita:/tə-tä/ [noun]) is a colloquial Arabic term of endearment for grandmother, mostly used in the Levantine countries like Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. Leila refers to Leila Hussein Fakhri Khalidi, the author of the book “The Art of Palestinian Embroidery.”

Taita Leila is a social enterprise that produces high quality, modern clothing inspired by the long and rich tradition of Palestinian embroidery. We tell hidden and secret stories in the language of thread, reinterpreting embroidery in a way that would make your grandmother proud.

Our clothes are made in Palestine, hand-embroidered by women in the West Bank, and can be purchased from this website to be delivered anywhere in the world.

The Taita will also appear in several pop-up shops and markets around the world. Follow us on your preferred social media from the menu in the footer and subscribe to our newsletter to know when and where we will make our next appearance.