Crowdfunding the Benayiq Collection

Taita Leila's back with its second collection The Benayiq, and we're crowdfunding to bring it to you!

Our inaugural collection focused on the Qabbeh, the chest panel on the front of the thobe, the Arabic word for traditional dress. In part two we move on to the Benayiq, referring to the side panels on the bottom of the dress. Embodying naughty grandchildren discovering our grandmother's trousseau, we've drawn, ripped apart, copied, hand-stitched and crafted interesting embroidery from the bottom half of our dress. 

Bedouin signs of marital status, time-keeping, thread necklaces and the beautiful panels of the coats in the North make up the soul of our next collection, uncovering stories lost in time and tradition.

The Benayiq is our second collection- we've made the samples and are ready to take orders! For this campaign, we are offering our designs that can be purchased as rewards. Take a look at the full collection here, and place your order on the campaign page here

With special thanks to 

AFKARMENA for the crowdfunding platform

DFFRNT Creative Studio for the video edit

Osama Silwadi for the photographs and footage

The Palestinian Museum for the venue

Wirez for the video footage

Suzan Lamya for modelling, Mervat Hakroush for styling

Tasameem for the graphic design

Radio Nisaa for the voiceover

Amari Women's Program Center 

Music Credit to Hindi Zahra "Stand Up"