Taita Leila Bir Sabaa top
Taita Leila Bir Sabaa top

Bir Sabaa بئر السبع – Bedouin Brights

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The southern desert town of Bir Sabaa is sometimes referred to as a Bedouin city since it owes so much of its character to the nomadic and semi-nomadic Arab tribes who live across the Naqab Desert. Historically, the Bedouin raised livestock and would roam with their herds throughout the year.

An elaborate qabbeh was a less critical part of the Bedouin thoub because the women usually wore veils that covered their faces and often the front of their dresses. Drawing on a simple design, this blouse uses a traditional geometric pattern known as the “moons and necklaces” motif and is stitched with bright yellows and reds – we chose a subtle, but distinctive yellow thread. The butterfly cut makes for a loose, flowing garment, appropriate for women of the desert.

Product Description

  • Hand-embroidered using cross-stitch
  • Fabric is a soft cotton and polyester mix
  • Butterfly cut with loose fit
  • Available in black
  • Hand-wash cold and air dry or dry clean
  • Model is wearing one size
  • Please check the size chart for more information about fit