Taita Leila Bir Sabaa Benayiq mini skirt red handmade embroidery
Taita Leila Bir Sabaa Benayiq mini skirt blue handmade embroidery

Bir Sabaa Mini

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Bedouin women from the Naqab Desert had a different sort of thobe, a voluminous style with very dense embroidery.  The colour of the front panel indicated something of great importance- her marital status! Incorporating red embroidery for Bedouin women would signal to others that she was already married. Single women would embroider patterns in blue. The colours would change with her changing status - a widowed woman would incorporate shots of red to her dress to indicate remarriage.  

  • Hand embroidered using Cross-stitch
  • Fabric is Rayon/ Polyester
  • A-line miniskirt with zip in back
  • Available in black with red or blue embroidery
  • Hand-wash cold and air dry or dry clean
  • Please check the size chart for more information about fit