Taita Leila Galilee Benayiq cutout A-line dress blue handmade embroidery
Taita Leila Galilee Benayiq cutout A-line dress white handmade embroidery

Galilee Cutout Dress

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The beautiful coats or jellayeh that the Galilee region was famous for included very intricate embroidery on the back panel. The embroidery featured a repetition of amulets known as Balat-el-Jaleel or Galilee tiles. The back panel with its distinct type of embroidery seemed to go out of fashion in the late 18th century. We bring back this same style of tiling amulets on an A-line cutout dress, available in two colours.
  • Hand embroidered using Cross-stitch
  • Fabric is Lycra and Rayon/ Polyester
  • A-line dress
  • Available in azure blue / midnight blue combination or off-white / midnight blue combination
  • Hand-wash cold and air dry or dry clean
  • Please check the size chart for more information about fit