Taita Leila Qabbeh Ramallah top
Taita Leila Qabbeh Ramallah top

Ramallah رام الله – Contemporary Classic

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Ram Allah translates from Arabic to mean “hill of God,” which is appropriate for this mountainous village known for its stone homes, olive trees, and summer breezes. Historically, the community in Ramallah was predominantly Greek Orthodox, resulting in distinct Hellenic influences in the embroidery.

Embroidery in Ramallah is characterized by the simplicity of a distinct qabbeh design, which incorporates red stitching on cream-colored fabric. This piece stays true to that Ramallah tradition, incorporating an exact replica of the time-honored chevron in the center surrounded by motifs of flowers, trees, and birds.

Product Description

  • Hand-embroidered using cross-stitch
  • Fabric is a soft cotton and polyester mix
  • Bateau cut with loose fit
  • Available in off-white
  • Hand-wash cold and air dry or dry clean
  • Model is wearing one size
  • Please check the size chart for more information about fit