Taita Leila Qabbeh Yaffa dress
Taita Leila Qabbeh Yaffa dress

Yaffa يافا – All About Oranges

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The ancient port city of Yaffa became a thriving, prosperous, modern cultural center starting in the early 19th century, propelled largely by the export of its famous shamouti oranges. The city became a world famous citrus capital and by the 1930s, Jaffa was exporting millions of oranges across the globe.

This light and breezy dress, perfect for a summer night on the coast, pays homage to the central role oranges played in Yaffa’s history. The stitching on the qabbeh that looks like lines of the letter “e” traditionally represented orange blossoms, which the women of Yaffa would embroider to note how much of their livelihoods they owed to this sweet fruit.  

Product Description

  • Hand-embroidered using cross-stitch
  • Fabric is mesh and lycra
  • Round collar with V back and asymmetrical length 
  • Available in peach/beige combination
  • Hand-wash cold and air dry or dry clean
  • Model is wearing size small; size runs large, choose a smaller size 
  • Please check the size chart for more information about fit